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Samara is one of the most creative and talented student. She is very quick in learning. As a person she is very humble. She was with me for a month and I must say she was an obedient student.

Drewsall Fernandes
D'ziners Goa

Ralph Lauren said, "I don't design clothes. I design dreams."
And Samara has dreams of her own - of becoming one of India's finest and sensational fashion designers. This promising young lady shows great potential and passion for her skill. Her designs are chic and classic and silhouettes, timeless. She has a keen eye for detailing and color schemes. I am sure Samara will reach great heights in her blossoming profession and I wish her all the very best for her endeavour.

Joanna Pakrasi

Samara Pereira is a child prodigy when it comes to designing clothes. She took an instant liking towards art at a younger age of 12 years. Initially, she started with the renowned artist, Sonia Rodriques Sabharwal, who taught her the basics of sketching and use of pencil work. Later she realized that her passion was sketching dresses. she did a course in fashion with D'zigners institute of Fashion. Here she learnt the intricacies of her new found passion. She is presently in the 10th standard and still has a long way to go. I wish her all the best. I am definitely a proud mama.

Melody Pereira

Samara is a very creative and an artistic girl, with lots of talent and high potential in her. She has an immensely great sense of style, eye for colour and pattern coordination. In addition, She has her own individualist personal style which allows her to put all her efforts into her designs to make sure it’s unique and different from the others. Samara shows a great passion for her designs, she enjoys making sketches of different outfits putting all her hard work into her creations and therefore has a bright future to be fashion designer.

Aloshka Pereira